hi mummy's,

i have some thing over here to share with you. if due to some reason and you r unable to feed your baby/little ones with breast milk and you feel very bad about it. cos you r unable to give your baby/little one e best of e best. (cos i have this feeling too!! due to work and busy life in singapore) i bought this colostrum stuff recommend by one of my best friend and i find it very good. i give it to my son every single day. to my surprise he hardly fall sick, you know if you send your kids to childcare he will fall sick here and there. and it breaks your heart to see them sick am i right?? here are some of e details that i got from my colostrum bottle(:

Research has confirmed that bovine or cow colostrum is almost identical to human colostrum but contains four times as much immune factors. Moreover, the supply of bovine colostrum can be controlled and cultivated for mass consumption. What makes IMU6 Colostrum stand out from other commercially cultivated colostrum is that it is made purely from the bovine colostrum that is extracted during the first 6 hours of a cow's milk.

Bovine colostrum is used because of its extremely rich source of proteins, antibodies in the form of immunoglobulin and growth factors. Studies have shown that the bovine colostrum milked during the first 6 hours has the highest content of these constituents. The concept of using bovine colostrum is not new as it has been use to treat HIV-positive patients with chronic diarrhea. It is also a remedy against helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach ulcer.

Benefits at a glance:

Improves the absorption of nutrients
Increases bone mass
Strengthens the immune system
Regulates body foundations
Prevents autoimmune diseases
Promotes wound healing
Prevents scar formation
Improves metabolism
Burns excess fat
Restores skin elasticity
Prevents premature ageing

Protective factors:
Immunoglobulins IgD, IgA, IgM, IgG & IgE (antibodies)
Combat and neutralize harmful viruses and bacteria before they cause serious diseases

Regulatory factors:
Regulate and balance immune system

Growth factors:
Stimulate growth and regeneration of cells
Aid the healing of wounds
Help body to burn fat and build up lean muscles
Help to stabilize and balance the blood glucose level

Antioxidant factors:
Rich in vitamin A, C, E, SOD and minerals
Able to clear free radicals
Protect cells and prevent ageing