Crying is a baby activity to communicate his feelings, like hunger, pain, sadness, or other unpleasant feelings. However, dont’t let a baby cry for too long, because it would cause little damage to the baby brain. Penelope Leach, health experts from London revealed that the baby was left depressed and cried many times for too long, could have problems in brain development in the future.

Studies show the brain of child that was left crying in the long term, will be at risk of damage in the process of development, thus reducing its capacity to learn. “This is not just an opinion, but a fact that letting a baby cry potentially damaging baby brain. So why risk it?” said Leach. According to him, a baby who was too old to cry will stop eventually. This isn’t because the child has learned to sleep alone, but because he was exhausted and desperate for assistance. But Leach has argued that crying is the only way for your child to give a signal when feeling uncomfortable or pressured.

More louder crying baby, the more also showed that he was stressed, and that acute stress can cause hormonal chain reaction that can stimulate the adrenal glands to release stress hormones. If the event is ongoing, it can make a lot of stress hormones that can damage the baby brain. “However, his research does not mean that babies should not cry or parents be concerned if all the babies cry, because it’s not a bad activity for a baby to cry, but crying is not getting a response can have a negative impact,” said Lech.

Agreed with Leach, Anastasia Baker, director of the Night Nanny, reveals that there is nothing wrong to leave babies to cry for several minutes. But the problem is if you let your baby cry for too long until he fell asleep. “Clearly no one advocated for leaving the baby crying in a long time. But I think parents can leave the baby a few minutes, then came to calm down,” says Baker. These results have shown that these techniques can help to solve the problem of sleeping baby and have a very positive effect on family life. So when I hear a baby crying, you should not let it for too long. Since this could affect baby brain development due to the stress hormone produced too high.

Source : Crying Too Long Can Damage Baby Brain