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Decreased appetite

This is a discussion on Decreased appetite within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My girl (6 months+) just recovered from a week-long cough/flu/fever. When she was ill, her appetite decreased tremendously. I thought ...

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    Decreased appetite

    My girl (6 months+) just recovered from a week-long cough/flu/fever.

    When she was ill, her appetite decreased tremendously. I thought this would go back to normal once she recovers. But she is still not drinking as much milk as before. Lucky thing though, she still wants her cereal.

    Should I be concerned? How do I increase her appetite once more?

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    Re: Decreased appetite

    How long has she recovered from her illness?

    My boy had diarrhea at 7 mths and his appetite also decreased a lot. When he recovered a week later, he took another week before his appetite went back to normal.

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    Re: Decreased appetite

    I dont think you can do much to increase her appetite for the moment. They will start taking more when they want to. Not to worry. My darling also just recovered from fever and sore throat and she's also not eating as much as usual but I guess it'd just take time for our babies to pick up on their eating/drinking again.

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    Re: Decreased appetite

    hmmm, i think just give her abit more time.. nth much you can do to increase her appetite really. as long as she is still taking in food i think its fine. give her more water though.

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    Re: Decreased appetite


    Bring your child to see chinese sinseh. Chinese medicine helps a lot in regaining kids' appetite. My kids are 1 good example. When they are down with flu, their appetite decreased. When I mention this to the chinese sinseh, she will give medicine to improve their appetite and overall health. Hope this helps. If you need chinese sinseh contacts, you can pm me.

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