Hi mummies,

My son has been drinking Mamil Gold since birth. When Doc suggest we change to Enfalac due to his sensitive skin, we did. But I didnt know what she recommend was Enfalac HA. Had fed him one 900g tin of Enfalac A+ for stage 1. Usually his shitting sequence is once in 3days when he was feeding on Mamil Gold. But ever since I changed to Enfalac, he'd been shitting once in 4days and he seems to be in pain when he shit.

So I brought him to Doc. And doc recommend me to change to Enfalac HA. Is Enfalac HA more bitter? She also suggest me to put 1/2 scoop of Glucodin with the milk powder. What is Glucodin? Is it kind of sweeterner? Or does it makes baby shit better? Does feeding Enfalac HA makes babies shit better? Any mummies feed their babies with this formula?

Please advise...