Dear Mummies,

I have a serious health concern over my son. Worrying that he is being put at risk in contacting TB from my father-in-law. Despite my constant reminders telling him to stop his habit, he is still doing it. I really dont know what to do. Im so scared and worry for my son whenever we visit my in laws place now or whenever my father-in-law is presence with food around. My son is only 21 months now.

My father-in-law loves my son alot and im happy and thankful for that. He likes to feed my son with food he thinks my son will like to eat or just want to feed him as an act of love and dote for my son. However whenever he wants to feed him, he has this habit of using his mouth to bite the food into smaller pieces then spit out and feed my son. I find that extremely unhygienic. I dont even do that to my son. He has been doing that since my son was 8 months old (before he was diagnose with TB) and we were staying there before we gt our own house. We moved out when my son was around 11 months old and visit them once or twice a week.

My father-in-law was diagnosed with TB about 3 or 4 months ago. He was under regular medication ever since. So i thought he will automatic drop this habit this time since he cares for my son and loves him alot. But to my horror he is still continuing this habit. I reminded him a few times again and he still does it. I told my husband about my concerns but he will just behave like he is lending me a listening ear and keep quiet and did not bring up the concerns to my father-in-law. I dont blame him because it is not easy to send the message across without hurting his feelings. My husband is a filial son and he feels heartache for his dad's condition too.

I have read up alot on TB and i know that it is curable as long as the TB carrier is taking regular medication. I have also tell my pediatrician about my concerns and she did say yes, my son is being put at risk in contacting TB. She suggested me to contact my father-in-law's doc and bring up this issue and let my son be tested by his doc just to be safe although chances of positive is low.

So still, my father-in-law habit just have to stop. My son is still so young and his immunity is still so low. Im so scare . I wont stop him from seeing my son definitely as he is still the grandfather. But i just dont know how to make him stop that habit.

Any mummies are caught in the same situation like me? How should i tell my father-in-law without hurting him or being disrespectful?

Thank you all in advance!