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Measles? How to know?

This is a discussion on Measles? How to know? within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Mummies, kerissa has been having slight fever, never hit 38.5 for 3 days, up down up down, gve her the ...

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    Measles? How to know?

    Mummies, kerissa has been having slight fever, never hit 38.5 for 3 days, up down up down, gve her the paracetamol that Kandang Kerbau Hospital gave last month, she's still very playful, active, eating well, as per normal, so we suspected is teething again cos she drool alot suddenly and when I rub her gums with teething gel when she cry at night she sleep soundly, but today 4th day, no more fever and I spotted red spots around her forehead around her hair, and abit around her neck and ears, my mum worry is measles but we decide to monitor awhile more before heading to the doctor, how to know if It's measles ?

    Since no mummies know and after I posted this I immediately brought her to the doctor around my house, she's a normal gp under mycs baby bonus so I suppose she can handle baby well enuff as its a Sunday my house baby doc was close, anyway, the doctor told me it's just normal after fever rash and it shouldnt be itchy and doesn't matter much, will go off in a few days, but yesterday, (Monday) the next day after I brought her to the gp, her rashes got worse, it was all over her body and she was scratching her head and neck, so I bring her to the baby doc that was open, while waiting met another mummy whose 16mths baby girl also hAving the same rash except that hers wasn't so terrible and doesn't itch like my baby, she told me most mummies say its just normal after effect of fever rash( I heard from my friends as well ), but after I went in, the doc told me, it's fake measles, yes, fake measles has exactly the same symptoms of real measles, cough,runny nose,fever,watery/red/sleepy eyes and rashes everywhere that itch, but real meAsles the baby will tend to get very very cranky and keeps crying.. He told me real measles symptoms are much more terrible that fake meAsles so we have to take note, it's still better to play safe whenever your baby has rashes..

    Thankfully , she's recovering today after applying her normal cream she's using daily and taking cough and itchy medications. Really got me soooo worried! Her head was so red and the patches was so big as if she just got sun tanned really badly!!!
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    Re: Measles? How to know?

    My daughter also had fake measles. One difference is that in fake measles, as the rashes come out, the fever will subside. But with real measles, rashes are accompanied by fever.

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    Re: Measles? How to know?

    My 27mths old gal just got it recently..
    The term for this condition is called Roseola(false mealses)
    Very commonly happen in kids between 3mths to 3years old..
    Usually happen one time like chicken pox..
    it can be contagious 15 days before fever starts
    rashes like rose pattern will appear on the body after a few days of high fever.
    the rashes are not itchy and will continue to spread to the neck,face or legs..
    The child will get cranky, listless, no appetite..

    There isn't any treatment or medicine to this..
    as parents, we just make sure that out little ones are hydrated and treat the symptoms of fever(like giving fever medicine)
    and do let them rest as much as possible.. The rashes will disappeared after it had fully spread all over..it will b there for a few days or even a week.. Do see doctor when the fever didnt subside just in case the child may go into fever fits..

    I brought my gal to see doctor and she gave us oatmeal powder for my gal to shower..
    the rashes disappeared after 2days.

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