Hello everyone!

Are there any of you who use the motorised baby sarong for naps and night time?

I am just wondering if it is safe for baby if it is used the whole night bouncing away. I am not worried it will drop but more so is it ok for the brain/head? My baby is already 12 weeks and we just started using recently. Hubby really likes using the sarong cos he finds it so easy, just pop baby in and let the sarong do the soothing and settling.

I use the sarong for naps only cos it really helps baby to sleep longer and I can do things around the house. But at night i like to put him in the cot. He is a good baby and will sleep in the cot but is fussy from 5 to 7am and hubby just wants to throw him into the sarong. He even wants to use it for night time too so he can get some better sleep.

Anyone can give me some feedback?