Any mums can advise me on this issue:
My child had been using this piyo piyo training cup as his water bottle, but many times, the straw somehow crack a little. I m worried if he had ate up the small part of the straw or cos of the cover that caused it to crack and fall off.
I had been changing straws and covers for a lot a lot of tines. The worryig part is I m not sure if he ate up the small part of the straw that was cracked If so, means he ate up quite many tines. What should I do?

I been using this water Bottle cos he only will drink water with this water bottle. I had bought up to 5 different water bottles but he dont like and will not drink the water.
I got no choice to buy back this piyo piyo but seems that it is givin problem.

They should had banned this product if it had cause hazard or danger to children right? But I should feedback to where?

Hope to get some advices.