Anyone here has or know someone having the problem (as the title thread) ? Please share what you know.

My young son has this problem. His lower jaw protrudes further out than his upper jaw. As such, he has problem chewing his food well and his speech is not very clear too.

We've seeked many opinions from various dentist ever since he was in K1 and we got the same suggestion from them. They even told us similar consequences should my son does not get immediate treatment.

We've decided to do something. Engage a dentist to tend to him and after many visits to the same dentist, just about 5 days ago, dentist has fixed a metal plate in his mouth. And it looks something similar to the following picture below.

And this plate will be there for a very long time.

If you have experienced this before or know of anyone having this, do share your worries, concerns or any info to help to deal with the eating, speech or cleaning ?