Hi, my 3 yr old recently has diagnosed with Tonsillitis and was given Nesonex spray to her nose everyday.
If spray doesn't works on her, the last resort will be surgery which we tried to avoid as she is still young.

Just last Sat, her nose & sleep did improved after the spray but her Tonsil & Adenoid were still there. ENT doc was happy that she's improved with the spray but it does not completely reduce the size of the Tonsil & Adenoid. We just have to monitor for the time being. Now, ENT doc suggest that we went for a sleep test to see how much oxygen was she breathing, flowing, etc in her brain. I wouldn't mind going for the sleep test but has anyone brought for the test? How much would it cost?

ENT doc said the test will be at Gleneagle and would like to know how much would it be and can this test claim thru insurance? Thanks in advance.