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Sleeping problem

This is a discussion on Sleeping problem within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My 2 year old son used to wake up at about 7+ am, then nap between 1-4 pm, and sleep ...

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    Sleeping problem

    My 2 year old son used to wake up at about 7+ am, then nap between 1-4 pm, and sleep at around 10 pm. It was a breeze to settle him into his afternoon nap. And after he sleeps at night, usually I can still enjoy some "personal" time or finish up some work before going to bed.

    But a few months ago, he starts delaying his nap.. it is quite a chore to settle him.. by nap time, he is still active and even refuses to go to bed. Same for bedtime at night. By the time he falls asleep, I will be half asleep.. and tired..

    Now, sometimes only manage to get him to sleep at 3 pm.. and if he sleeps for 3 hours, then he will only fall asleep around 12 mn, and wake up around 7-8 am.

    I am worried if he is getting enough sleep at night. This schedule is also holding up me late, and not getting enough sleep myself.

    Does your child's sleeping pattern develop in this way until they do away with the afternoon nap, then they will sleep "normally"?

    Can anyone share your advice/experience on the sleeping pattern of your child?

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    Re: Sleeping problem

    Dear Ai Ching,
    I am at your shoe right now. so i can understand how you are feeling.
    my son is 19month and he wakes up at 8 to 9am. his afternoon nap will be at 2+ till he wakes up before 5. He goes to bed at 11 or at after 12 mn. And sometime he will again wake up after 2 or 3 hours and he cry for no resone. so we try many ways to calm him down and make him go to bed again. and i am getting complains from my neighbour too. so its the worst.. i am just feed up... even i am looking for solutions...

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    Re: Sleeping problem

    If he only able to nap at 3pm, then just let him nap for an hr. he is 2yo alrdy, dont need to have 3hrs of nap daily unless it does not affect his sleep at night. my 20mth old is having 1-2 hours nap daily. =)

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    Re: Sleeping problem

    Ai Ching, alternatively try to prepare him for nap at earlier time if he takes longer time to settle down on bed n feeling sleepy. thats what i did to my monster. However I am a little bit luckier then you If my monster naps at 3pm n wakes up at say 5pm+, he still KO at his bed time of 930pm. My monster HAS to have at least 2hrs of nap otherwise he will be cranky later.

    Simple Mum21, 11pm-12mn bedtime for a 19mth is way way way too late. Try to cultivate early bed time as it will help in future.

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