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This is a discussion on Tooth within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi, My dear son recently had his 2teeth up in the lower central ceniscor. Do I have to take note ...

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    My dear son recently had his 2teeth up in the lower central ceniscor.
    Do I have to take note of anything concerning his teeths and
    apply anything to it?
    And is there any side effect like crying, making noise, sleep lesser etc while teeth is growing cos my dear son recently dont sleep much and cry abit as not his usual self.

    Need advise. thanks in advance.

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    Re: Tooth

    strange.. i thought ive replied this yesterday lol

    crankiness, loss of appetite, fever, diahhrea, drooling etc are all very common during teething though some babies go through it without any problems at all. some baby cant sleep well due to the pain. thats also the reason for crankiness n loss of appetite. you can try giving him teething toy to bite in the day and at night give him those teething soothers cream from pediatrician. DIY teething toy can be simply raw cooled carrot sticks. just cut them up into thick slices so he cant bite it off, then cool in the fridge n give it to him. the hardness n coldness can help him soothe his gums. hope this helps.

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    Re: Tooth

    babies tend to fuss more.
    drool alot, can always see he is putting things into his mouth to bite, so make sure you keep dangerous objects out of sight n reach, clean n wash his toys n hankies frequently.
    tend to cry more, lack of sleep, n slightly loss of appetite, thus more fussy.
    you can actually give him a pacifier to chew on or teethers.
    temp might increase n have slight fever (but not for all babies), so do take note.

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