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Understanding UTI in infants important!

This is a discussion on Understanding UTI in infants important! within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi there, my just went thru this and it was so heart aching to see him going thru it so ...

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    Exclamation Understanding UTI in infants important!

    Hi there, my just went thru this and it was so heart aching to see him going thru it so decided to post and share with other parent. Just so that one can be more informed and alert.

    My baby was about two months four weeks when he had fever. Nobody can feel his temperature except me! About couple of hours later hubby confirm baby have fever too so we buy the cool fever patch but soon went to Nuh A&E for checkup to play safe. Dr came and check that no diahorea, no cough and stomach sounds good so sent us home with ibuprofen. The next day baby is cranky but expected coz fever. All was manageable but the third day, his temperature really shot up! At one point it was 40deg AFTER medication. So we went back to Nuh. We went Nuh coz tts where he is born, nearer to us, lesser waiting time n they have children A&E.

    This time admitted. Sadly they have to do some tests coz baby is too young so they have to play safe and the test include taking spinal fluid and running a catether up his penis to collect non-contaminated urine. All test results comes back within 24 hours for preliminary diagnosis. Thru the night cannot sleep and feel so sad to see my baby suffer so much pain..he looked so frail when they bring him out plus an iv in his hand. But he still smile to me, as if telling me not to be sad.

    Anyway we were hospitalize for an entire week because his bacteria went into bloodstream too so had to pump antibiotics thru his IV. each time the nurses do it is a struggle unless he is asleep. Thing is the treatment in hospital is arduous and I wanted to share with parents because infant fever is not something we shud wait n see. If we had delay any longer, there is possibility the kidneys can be affected. After discharge, we have to follow up with antibiotic at home for one month. During which the hospital will arrange for two scan. One to scan baby's kidney for scarring and the other is to check if his renal muscle is causing a reflux which will mean the urine will back flow into kidney. The latter is more invasive because they will inject a dye thru his bladder n trace the dye to see if it goes into his kidneys. If it does, baby has to take antibiotic up to toddler age in some cases.

    We r scheduled for the follow up in Jul. Praying hard that my baby does not have a serious problem. But just very upset that he has to go thru all the invasive procedure again. Hope my sharing gives other parents a little more understanding on the basic procedure for UTIs in baby.

    PS: the spinal fluid is extracted to test for meningitis. After this procedure, try to let your baby lie on his back for the nx 8 hours. Thing is baby might have headache which they can only express by crying so loads of cuddling and spare hands needed.

    God bless.
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    Re: Understanding UTI in infants important!

    Yes my girl also got it recently when she. 11 months, her fever last for 3 days still never subside so immediately we bring her to my pediatrician and I really grateful to my pediatrician that she does a great job she immediately without fail , check her urine and blood test and of course antibiotics to treat my girl, she recover within 2 days and of course we go for ultrasound and mcu and show that she fine. dont worry baby boy usually got it it's becos the foreskin of the penis didn't clean properly , for my case my girl virginal hole close up and i dont even know , have you go for ultrasound to see the kidney? The professional tell me usually reflux can be notice thru kidney , if the kidney is bigger or swollen. I will pray for your baby boy to be fine.

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    Re: Understanding UTI in infants important!

    Hi fion,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. We did ultrasound already n seems okay but coz baby moving so cannot b too sure.

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