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Urine tract infection

This is a discussion on Urine tract infection within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi my girl got urine infection. May I knw can it be cured or they will come back anytime? Really ...

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    bki batok
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    Urine tract infection

    Hi my girl got urine infection. May I knw can it be cured or they will come back anytime? Really no clue about this can any kind parent tell me what can I do next time when it's cured, I have make so clean with her already apply so many thing yet still have urine infection, now my pediatrician want to have a ultrasound to see her kidney, necessary? So worried now
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    Re: Urine tract infection

    How old is your girl?

    UTI is a bacterial infection in the urinary tract...females are more susceptible because our urinary tract is shorter and closer to the rectum...which is why when cleaning the genitals, you should wipe from front to back, to avoid bacteria from the rectum entering the UT. It can cause kidney damage, or there might be blockages, so tts why need to ultrasound. dont't worry, your
    Keep your girl hydrated, so she can pee more to flush out the bacteria.

    Also try not to use too many creams or soaps on her genitals that cam cause further irritation, water and cotton to clean is good enough.

    Anyways, do take care

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    Re: Urine tract infection


    I heard cranberry juice good for prevention of UTI, my 6 yo niece also used to get it quite frequent, think last time was becos use of pampers when she was younger, so now every morning after wake up and every nite before sleep must use water to wash.

    In addition, my niece like to "tahan" her urine, so that could be another reason.

    I usually buy those fruit juices which contain cranbery juice (pure one very X) like Marigold fr NTUC, think 1 liter is about $1.95. After drinking, now she dont get it , usually I try to give them at least once every two weeks.

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    Re: Urine tract infection

    I'd urinary tract infection as a young girl too.
    - wipe from front to back
    - dont't hold pee. Pee when the need arises.
    Now, I ocassionally eat cranberries too. They taste good when added to yoghurt.

    More info at:
    Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Home Remedies and Prevention by MedicineNet.com

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