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Using potty

This is a discussion on Using potty within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi mummies,My son is 1 yr old.Can i know how old is my son before i can train him to ...

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    Using potty

    Hi mummies,My son is 1 yr old.Can i know how old is my son before i can train him to use potty to urine?

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    Re: Using potty

    At 1yr old, you may start pre-potty training -- just let him sit on potty once a day to get used to the idea. Give a name for 'pee' and 'poo', teach your boy the words and stick to the same words.

    If he pees in it, smile, clap, hug to encourage him.
    If he does not pee or does not want to sit after a while, it is ok. Just try again next time.

    Gradually increase the frequency to sitting at every diaper change.

    I tried the above with my boy from 7 months.
    After one month, he started pee-ing in potty.
    After another month, he started poo-ing.
    At about 12 months, he could signal to me when he has pee-ed in diaper.
    Recently at 15 months, he could tell me beforehand that he wants to poo.
    We are now waiting for him to know he needs to pee. This may take many more months.

    My boy wears cloth diapers, which help him feel the wetness.
    If your boy is wearing disposable diapers, you may let him wear 1 cloth training pants a day, just to feel the wetness and learn awareness of his output.

    Be very patient and encouraging as potty-training is a long process. Good luck!
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    Re: Using potty

    I started my boy on potty training when he is 2. (It's too late IMO.) As he's able to understand basic instructions at that age, I told him to sit on the potty if he needs to urine or poop. I keep his bottoms bare for most of the time he's awake as he is unable to pull down his shorts fast enough and sit on his potty. Thank God that he is able to learn this routine in a span of one month. Or course there are occasions of accidental peeing or pooping, as parents, we just need to be patient and encouraging.

    I "upgraded" my son from the small potty to the big potty when he is about 3 years old. It's been a hard time and I was successful only after a couple of months of trying. I read, tell stories or sing in order to distract his attention from the "Hole in the big potty".

    Now that he is almost 5, I've started night toilet training 2 months back and having some success now, I've done away with diapers (and save some money!) The only thing is I have to wake up with him twice every night and bring him to the toilet.

    Happy potty training!

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