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very worried about viral fever

This is a discussion on very worried about viral fever within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 - 3:22 pm: ** *** hi all, need some advice here. my 3 yo ...

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    Wink very worried about viral fever

    Posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 - 3:22 pm: ** ***
    hi all, need some advice here.

    my 3 yo had fever last monday, 10/10/2011.
    his temp suddenly went up to 39.4 deg while sleeping.
    there were no other flu or cough symptoms.
    brought him to pediatrician and was diagnosed as viral fever.
    after giving paracetamol, his fever subsided on wed, 12/10/2011.

    on saturday, 15/10/2011, his fever suddenly started again, but this time, with phleghmy cough and a bit of runny nose. brought him to pediatrician again and diagnosed as viral fever again.

    since pediatrician do not do blood test, decided to bring him to kk a&e on sunday.
    urine test n x-ray results came back normal. blood test however showed some signs of viral infection.

    it's alrdy monday and his fever showed no signs of getting better. but thankfully, he's more active than the past few days and playing normally. still, i can't help feeling worried, especially after checking his temp which lingers around 37.6 - 38.4 deg.

    any mommies experienced this on off fever with your kids? how long will the episode last? is there a viral fever bug going around now?

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    Re: very worried about viral fever

    37.6 - 38.4 deg C seems fine... The fever is trending down, from its peak at 39.4 deg C.
    If doctor says he's ok and your boy is happy the day, then relax.
    Just keep him well hydrated and sponge him with warm water regularly.

    Your boy's body is probably fighting a virus new to his body and having a slight fever is nature's way of protecting the body.
    Read Fever in Children Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by eMedicineHealth.com

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    Re: very worried about viral fever

    my son has 2 episodes of viral fevers as well. they last about 5 days to a week, going high (39degC +) and low (37degC+) every time and he doesn't have any symptoms at all. Dr advised to feed him his medication when fever is higher than 38degC and in between to sponge him, its worrying and frustrating (esp if baby very resistant to medication) there's really nothing much we can do.

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    Re: very worried about viral fever

    My son also suffered viral fevers without other symptoms quite recently and it lasted for 2 wks.His temperature lingers around 37.5 to 38.5. Just like your son, we have done blood test, urine test and stool test and all results turned out as normal. we were so worried and even brought him for 2nd opinion. the diagnosis are same:he had viral fever. what we can do is managing his fever only. anaway, just like doctor told us. he recovered after two weeks.

    The main reason is he went to childcare recently. according to the doctor, he has to build his immune system to this kind of environment as previously he stayed at home and there is no much virus compared to childercare centre. did you send your son to childcare recently also? if yes, you dont't have to worry as it is normal.
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