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What is your 6-to-8-month-old schedule like?

This is a discussion on What is your 6-to-8-month-old schedule like? within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi all, I'm trying to get baby (currently 6months & 1 week old) into a good routine so that she ...

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    Worthy Lady esta_837's Avatar
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    What is your 6-to-8-month-old schedule like?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to get baby (currently 6months & 1 week old) into a good routine so that she starts "remembering" the signals, e.g. Feed-Play-Feed-Sleep.. then hopefully she'll get used to and be able to fall asleep on her own in her cot. Am trying to get her off the dummy but she seems to be having a tummy ache after feeding as i notice her tummy seems bloated. I tried feeding her less, then her tummy seemed a bit flatter (as though she had digested the breastmilk very fast), and when I put her down to sleep, I wasn't sure if she was still hungry. So i'm a bit confused with her signs.

    Anyway, my question is, did you have a routine for your 6-to-8-month-old: e.g. Wake up - Play - Feed - Play - Sleep,
    or just simply Wake up - Feed - Play - Sleep?
    and did you try to follow that routine every day??
    And how much time did you spend on each activity?

    e.g. Play 15mins
    Feed 15mins milk
    Feed 15mins solids
    Play again 15 mins
    Then start settling to sleep spend 15mins
    Then put down to sleep in cot

    I also notice my baby gets tired very quickly, within 1.5hrs after waking up.
    Is that normal?

    I am asking also because I have been told by nurses that sleep is important for young babies up till 8 months.

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    Imperial Concubine shopaholic's Avatar
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    Re: What is your 6-to-8-month-old schedule like?

    Roughly a shedule like the below for my 7mth old. Must be flexible according to baby's beeds.

    6am - milk feed
    9am - milk feed
    9.30am - bath
    10am - water
    10am - 11.30am sleep
    12noon - cereal
    12.15am - water
    2pm - milk feed
    2.15 - 3.45pm sleep
    5pm - cereal/milk
    5.30pm - bath/wipe
    6pm - water
    6 - 7pm - sleep
    8.15pm - milk feed
    9 - 12pm sleeping through
    12am - milk feed while still sleeping
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