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When was the time your child had a biggest accident?

This is a discussion on When was the time your child had a biggest accident? within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Dear moms, on sunday i was away from home for some important work. so i left my baby boy 20mnth ...

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    Lightbulb What was your biggest nightmare???

    Dear moms,
    on sunday i was away from home for some important work. so i left my baby boy 20mnth with my hubby, mother, 2 brothers and uncle.

    Around 6+ i got a call to go to NUH ASAP. i thought my uncle who called me was just making me worried. I asked him so many times what happend but no answer. so i went home and at the corner i saw tissue full of blood. than i got to know that my baby fell down from the pram and injured his forehead. So everyone went to the nearest hospital. I was devastated. I cried out loud and ran down to get cab. i was scared, nervous and worried about my baby. he needed me but i wasnt with him.

    but finally i reached hospital and saw my baby. I hugged and cry than he is fine. the cut was not so serious. but my hubby and baby both had blood allover their cloths...i will never forget that day...

    now my baby is at home and well. but still need time to dry up the wound. they just glue it. so watching him every now and than...

    if you had such case please share...
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    Re: When was the time your child had a biggest accident?

    My boy had his first bad injury when he was 2.5 yr old. i was heavily 38 weeks pregnant with my 2nd boy at that time too. That evening I brought my boy and my maid for a walk at the garden,while climbing the stairs back to our home, my boy missed his steps and fell.His mouth actually hit the water bottle which was hanging round his neck. My careless maid who was holding his hand at that moment did not grib his hand tight hence is not able to pulled him back either . Myself is not able to stop the accident since i was heavily pregnant and trying to climb up the stairs too... he was badly hit with stitches require both inside and other his lower lip, front tooth was hit and gum swelling badly....we brought him to KK immediately but surgery cannot be done immediately since he need to put on anesetic and it require 4 hours away from his last feed. luckily i put sugar on his wound before we went KK and it stops the bleeding and allow him to wait for 1 to 2 hours for the surgery. In the surgery room when the jab was given to him , his body went stiff and eyes still remain open. i almost fainted when i saw how he reacted from the jab. My heart felt like being cut into two. i felt as if i am going to give born to my 2nd boy at KK.
    30 mins after he woke up, vein in his eyes was red. for the next 1 week he suffer from swelling but children recover real fast.

    From this incident , i would like to bring out some points which mummy can avoid such accident.

    1) do not let your children have the waterbottle round his neck while they are walking or running . i never know those flip up cap can cause so bad injury thought it is not sharp at all. the vertical impact can be quite strong

    2) place sugar to mouth wound , it can stop bleeding pretty fast.

    lastly , if you think your maid are those dreaming away while they work, do not let them take care of children 100%.

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