Hi all,

Both my children are enrolled in Cherie Hearts and they were brought to this performance organised by the Singapore Dance Theatre called "Colours of Ballet" at Victoria Theatre last month. The parents were invited as well so i took the day off to accompany my kids to the performance.

My children are so attracted to all the dancers who are individually dressed in different colours. The songs and dance movements glued my children to their seats as they watch. Then they have this interactive segments where the children can participate and immitate simple little ballet movements. Finally they end the performance off with a "Night at the Musem" theme where the ballerinas came to life from a painting. My children, even my little boy, were amazed by the performance and it turned out to be a very enjoyable outing for them.

I just visited SDT website to find out more about them an notice that they are having another session of Colours of Ballet this month. i strongly recommend you guys out there to bring your kids for the performance! Their tickets for 10am sessions are already sold out so it is left with the 11am performance.

Go check out: www.singaporedancetheatre.com