1. The delay in the incorporation of nursing studies to university, which
in Spain does not happen until 1977.
2. The fact that even though the Health Act allows the investigation to all professionals
health, difficulties remain due mainly to structural strength and
even ideological. Importantly, the FIS was the first public institution to recognize the
research capacity of nurses.
3. The lack of nursing journals with scientific content. Not appear until 1978
first published in Spain. Also there is limited literature on work, lines and
guidance for research.
4. The inadequacy of the institutional framework and the resources available to nurses
his introduction to research and development projects.
5. The scarcity of resources that have nurses, and health libraries in
literature on the subject is poor and old nurse and this resource
essential for the initiation of any investigation.
6. The shortage of groups to guide and promote research in nursing.
7. The lack of definition of priority areas for nursing research that permit
guide individual efforts toward a common effort.
8. The limited involvement of nurses in committees and research units of the

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