Hi there

Great forum. This is a strange request. My name is Ben and I am an Australian born filmmaker living in Singapore. I am currently working on a documentary film about home and belonging set in Singapore. In this section of the film I want to show the big moments of ones life - love, marriage, birth, etc. I am looking for someone who would be kind enough for me to film their birth. Not the private areas just the face, the setting, the baby once its born, the reactions afterwards. Just a fly on the wall camera, capturing the essence of what it is like to give birth. I know that some people like to film this big event of their lives. I am a professional cameraman and will be using professional HD equipment. A sample of what has been shot so far is here:

This is a password protected video on Vimeo

password is 0890

You can also see some of my camerawork here:

YouTube - abundantb's Channel

This section will be part of large tapestry of moments and people in the film. The film is non commercial and non profit, a piece of art that might be shown in film festivals if I am lucky. There is no negative theme in the film, it is meant to be nostalgic and hopeful.

I realise even if someone agrees to do this, there would be some things to get through with the hospital and doctors too but I am willing to do the leg work to get it done.

Naturally I would be happy to edit your own personal film of you giving birth for your archives and to give to family and friends.

Please let me know if you are interested in any way so we can chat some more about it.

Ben Siow
Abundant Productions