Independently of the approach, once found a form developed by the logo, is required to determine its color. To assume that when designing a logo, as, by the way, and in the development of corporate identity than a trivial color, the better. Ideally, the logo should be designed, or shades of one color. After it, in any case, including the need to be used exactly in this scenario, for example, on photocopies, checks, faxes. And such a color that will enhance, maintain the shape of the logo, that is, for example, depicting the three-dimensional cube is necessary to choose such possible shades of color for each of its faces, which would be as close to reality. At the same time, at least in the conceptual development of a logo and contrast applied, for example, the size, texture, color and fonts. Developing a logo or corporate identity, it is advisable to shun unnecessary complexity and confusion, the logo should be as generic and simple. Again, even at small sizes the logo all its parts must be readily distinguishable. After all, the logo placed on the business card should also benefit, to perform any of their functions, as mentioned earlier.

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