About the cross-lever can not say anything because do not have information, but I know that this is used for Hummer. There is also another type of linkage suspension longitudinally rachazhnaya. It is unpretentious and reliable. A striking example of its use of the car Zaporozhets ZAZ 968. For all the skeptical attitude toward the Zaporozhets, in the Carpathian Mountains in the winter was such a situation. Other cars for climbing uphill on ice was used a special truck tire chains. Only in this case they were able to more or less tolerable to move up. A Zaporozhets, equipped with a suspension and a mediocre tires with small tread successfully karapkalsya. That he, however, must have their workload and the rear axle. Engine steadily presses him to the ground. The design mys, planted in it is worthy of admiration. Thanks to its simplicity, it is found in the application of its cross-country race. Maintenance is reduced to an external inspection (corrosion, cracks, etc.), lubrication and replacement of shock absorbers. MacPherson-type suspension.

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