I looking for receipts of NANŽ PRO 2 (800g), NANŽ GRO 3 (800g), or NANŽ KID 4 (900g).
Only looking for receipts for purchases made between 1st and 30th September 2013 @ NTUC, Coldstorage, Gaint, Sheng Song or Guidance pharmacy.
You dont have to give me the whole receipts, you and cut away all details after the sub total.
Willing to pay $1.50 (including postage) for receipts with 1 can.
Meaning $3 for receipts with 2 cans.

Pls watapps me your receipts as proof at 97464056 and i will tx the amount to you.

As i only need around 8 cans of receipts, i will deal with the mummys who contact me first.