For all cupcake lovers out there, you absolutely must try this cupcake store called “CUPCAKES & BAKES” near Peace Centre and Wilki Edge. It is a fairly new store and it has the BEST CUPCAKES IN SINGAPORE I swear on my life! Haha
The cupcakes there are really moist and light so you definitely will not get sick of eating it. The size of the cupcakes is just right and the prices there are very reasonable too. You will definitely be missing out if you dont’t give it a try. The cupcakes are baked freshly at the shop everyday with only the best ingredients available from all around the world. There is also a variety of cupcakes for you to choose from!
Cupcakes & Bakes specializes in baking cupcakes and designer cakes for events, birthdays and weddings. Go check it out if you are a TRUE CUPCAKE FAN! Haha

You can check them out on facebook for the location of the store or if you are still not convinced =)
Cupcakes & Bakes | Facebook

Or you could click the link below to see where the location of the store is.
Cupcakes & Bakes - Singapore Food Reviews, Promotions and Information

If you love eating the cupcakes there, please help to share this shop with the rest of your family and friends. I’m sure they will love it too!