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channel you buffet

This is a discussion on channel you buffet within the Singapore Food Guide forum, part of the Food and Cooking Forums category; got tis email.....those buffet r from channel you variety...(but i tink its not complete ...LOL) Its buffet time!!!!! 1st episode ...

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    channel you buffet

    got tis email.....those buffet r from channel you variety...(but i tink its not complete ...LOL)

    Its buffet time!!!!!

    1st episode on dinner buffets ... here are the details:

    1. For lunch buffet below $20, Geek Terminal at Market Street (
    http://www.geekterminal.com/) @ $13.90 per pax - think it's best for those working in Raffles Place & who want a light lunch.

    2. For lunch buffet between $20 to $30, Carnivore at Vivocity (
    http://www.carnivore.com.sg/Outlets/vivo.asp) @ $28++ per pax - good for meat-eaters & those working in Vivocity vicinity.

    3. For lunch buffet above $30, Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts (
    http://dining.royalplaza.com.sg/) @ $39++ per pax - for those who can afford a leisurely lunch with international spread on a weekday at Orchard Road.

    2nd episode on dinner buffets ... here are the details:
    1. Below $20, Bombay Cafe Express at Suntec City Mall (
    http://www.bombaycafe.com.sg/) @ $14.90++ per pax - not sure if the buffet's only available on Friday nights since that was what the programme showed. There's also another Bombay Cafe around Tanjong Katong area. >> $9.90 on weekday, ok, included some Chinese dishes among the Indian dishes offered. Serves naan too. (value for money.)

    2. Between $20 to $30, Harbour City Restaurant at PSA Building (http://www.harbourcity.com.sg/) @ $27.80++ per pax, only on weeknights - ala carte buffet menu of 48 dishes but subject to minimum of 4 pax to enjoy the buffet. This buffet does really look like a great-value for money, but provided you dont't mind travelling to the rather remote location. I had only tried the dim sum lunch once & a long time ago, but it seemed very popular with working crowd around there

    3. Above $30, MELT - The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental (
    http://www.mandarinoriental.com/singapore/dining/MELT/) @ $70++ per pax, only on weeknights - add $25++ to enjoy free flow of alcohol. As expected, the programme showed this famous buffet in Singapore.

    3rd episode on tim sum buffets ... here are the details:
    1. Below $20, Lao Beijing at Plaza Singapura (
    http://www.tunglok.com/laobeijing/laobeijing_menus.html) @ $10.20++ per pax - only for high tea on weekdays, 3 to 5pm. For weekends & PHs, the price increases to $15.80++, but the spread has slightly more choices as well. Check out their website for the full high tea menus. It's worth a try if you like lots of Chinese carbs.

    2. Between $20 to $30, Peach Blossom at Marina Mandarin (
    http://www.meritus-hotels.com/hotelresort/marinamandarin/dining/peachblossom.htm) @ $28.80++ per pax, served between 11.30am to 2.30pm, only on weekends & PHs - ala carte buffet menu of over 26 dishes. I have not't tried it but am really tempted by the display of fried cornflake beancurds, deep fried enoki mushroom parcels and black glutinous rice with pumpkin paste dessert last night.

    3. Above $30, Hai Tien at Pan Pacific (
    http://www.panpacific.com/en/singapore/restaurants_bars/Hai_Tien_Lo.html) @ $58++ per pax, between 11.30am to 2.30pm, only on weekends & PHs - the spread looked good, but 4 out of 5 tasters on the programme commented that the price was a little too high for dim sum, which I tend to agree, what's more with the recession looming over our heads now.

    4th episode on breakfast buffets ... here are the details:
    1. Below $20, Bistro Delifrance at various locations (
    http://www.delifrance.com.sg/)@ $9.90++ per pax - only on Fridays to Sundays & PHs, 8 to 10.30am. Check their website for the various bistro locations & under 'Promotions & Hot Deals' for the breakfast buffet details. Not sure why the flyer on the website indicated that we can have the bakery buffet breakfast at $7.95 and will need to add $3 for an additional hot meal, which was different from what was telecasted last evening, showing unlimited helpings to both their hot & bakery items. Perhaps different bistro have different menus or the flyer is outdated? Did anybody know which outlet they showcased last night?

    2. Between $20 to $30, Cafe Brio's at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (
    http://www.millenniumhotels.com.sg/grandcopthornewaterfront/restaurant/index.html) @ $29.00++ per pax, served between 6.30 to 10.30am, on all days - the spread seemed very international, probably good for those staying nearby. I found the mention of dining al fresco alongside the Singapore River rather funny since the view is more like of a big canal, nothing spectacular.

    3. Above $30, Olive Tree Restaurant at Intercontinental Singapore (
    http://www.singapore.intercontinental.com/dining/olivetree.asp) @ $36.00++ per pax, between 6 to 10.30am, on weekends & PHs - the spread actually didn't seem as international as Caf Brio's, but is definitely more high end. They have an egg station that will freshly cook your eggs in whatever style you want, which is the norm for 4 stars hotel establishments and above. And boy, am I impressed with their selection of fresh tea leaves that are served in actual tea pots rather than cups to individual customers. The pan fried beef and cheese selection looks really yummy too. So if I'm to choose between Caf Brio's & Olive Tree, I'll rather pay a bit more & go for the latter. After a most satisfying breakfast, we can then walk off our food by shopping to our fill at Bugis Junction.

    5th episode on high tea buffets ... here are the details:
    1. Below $20, Chilli Padi Nonya Caf
    at North Bridge Commercial Complex (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/chilli_padi_nonya_cafe/)@ $8.80+ per pax - there's this other website - http://www.chillipadi.com.sg/, but I'm not sure if this is the main restaurant's website or even related to Chilli Padi Nonya caf, thus I link up the hungry-go-where website which I feel has the best details & reviews. The high tea buffet is served on all days of the weeks, 2.30pm to 5.30pm, and I think it's $7.80+ on weekdays, add a dollar for weekends. I was salivating over the spread on tv last night, especially the nonya kuehs, kueh pie ti, chwee kueh & chilled sago with gula melaka. Seems like they rotate their daily menus, thus you may get your favorites on certain days. The spread may not be huge but it's definitely worth a try for that price. For your information, North Bridge Commercial Complex is just opposite Bugis Junction.

    2. Between $20 to $30, Ellenborough Market Caf
    at Swissotel Merchant Court ( http://www.swissotel.com/EN/Destinations/Singapore/Swissotel+Merchant+Court/HOTEL+HOME/Gallery/Dining/Ellenborough+Market+Cafe.htm) @ $28.00++ per pax, served between 3.30pm to 5.30pm, only on weekends and PHs - needless be much said about this popular buffet with Singaporeans. It's got a reasonably good spread, just dont't expect very nice ambience as I tend to think the caf is always overcrowded. The cold chempedak dessert did look very tempting though.

    3. Above $30, Tea Lounge at The Regent Singapore
    http://www.regenthotels.com/hotels/risin/dinings) @ $36.00++ per pax, served between 1.30pm to 5.30pm on weekends - this is a classic English tea buffet, probably more suitable for ladies of leisure or bunch of girls meeting up for a get-together or couples wanting a quiet afternoon to cosy up to each other. Can you imagine a bunch of guys or big families gathering at this place? I think that explained why Terence Cao kept going over to join the other 2 female tasters last night since it would be a bit awkward for him to sit alone and sample English tea. Anyway, interesting items to try include the Yuzu tarlet, cherry trifle and macarons.

    6th episode on buffets.. here are the details:

    Steamboat Buffet
    1. Zheng Fa Steamboat - Less Than 20 @ $18.90++, on weekdays.
    http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/chin_huat_live_seafood_thomson/ (Chin Huat dont't have their own website, so this is the best).
    I was surprised by the indoor decor as it really didn't look very nice outside.
    I found the uniforms of the staff rather corny, but overall, I wouldn't mind patronising this place with my family or a big bunch of friends so that we can share food & try everything. The desserts really looked interesting, and I am impressed by the fact that they dont't only offer steamboat, but also grill/bbq & teppanyaki, & at such low price. I bet this place is going to get swamped from now onwards, & I regret not trying it before the telecast.

    2. Chongqing Steamboat @ Tanglin Mall - Less than 30 @ $29.90++ on weekdays & $30.90++ on weekends. Website:
    http://www.chinesefeasts.com.sg/restaurants.html. The restaurant is more correctly known as The Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot, & you can find the extensive menu on the website above. I like their sauces a lot, and all the 1-serving Jing Chuan Dian Xin items are worth a try. The 8-treasure tea served is a bonus as it really aided digestion of food.

    3. The Buffet @ M Hotel - Above 30 @ $38++ on weekdays. Website:
    http://www.millenniumhotels.com.sg/mhotelsingapore/restaurant/theBuffet.html. The hotpot buffet showcased last night is really impressive, but I think more suited for seafood lovers since they focus their themes around seafood. I salivated over the drunken prawns cooked on the spot & mushroom varieties & chinese herbs that you can add all you want to your soup, and of course, the durian pengat.

    7th episode on dessert buffets ... here are the details:

    1. Below $20, Mingles at Velocity (Novena Square) - ice cream buffet @ $14.90++ per pax, available for high tea everyday - no official website so please refer to this:
    http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/mingles_velocity/. The buffet offers 24 flavours of New Zealand Natural ice cream, with unlimited waffles (not served whole but in small slices) & 1 drink per customer. It may be too much to eat just ice cream unless you are a true-blue ice cream fan, so a suggestion is to go for their set lunches or dinners, which will give you main course, drink & dessert/soup. I tried this place a couple of times, & rather enjoyed their sausages & rosti.
    However, this place is definitely not meant for hanging out or big crowds.

    2. Between $20 to $30, The Rose Veranda at Shangri- Hotel - dessert buffet @ $28++ per pax, available between 3 to 6pm on weekdays.
    http://www.shangri-.com/en/property/singapore/shangrila/dining/restaurant/roseveranda. I actually think this is the most worthy of the lot showcased last night, & would love to give it a try when I can find time to take the afternoon off from work & have a leisurely high tea with my friends or other half.
    Being a female & tea drinker, I love the rose patterned crockery & am amazed by the 102 varieties of tea available. Apparently, they also serve tea cocktails, which are chargeable. Temptations include the cr
    me brulee, mango & mint minestrone, lemongrass & chocolate mousse topped with crunchy chocolate balls, durian cake & chocolate fondue. They also have a selection of hot items for this buffet, which is great for those who are not die hard dessert fans.

    3. Above $30, The Courtyard at Fullerton Hotel - chocolate buffet @ $38++ per pax, available Thur through Sat nights.
    http://www.fullertonhotel.com/swf/main.html#/dining/thecourtyard/. Well, another well known buffet, so I'm not going to say too much. I have never tried it since I dont't fancy gorging myself on chocolate, not that I dont't love chocolate, but I just dont't wish to run at the sight of chocolate for a long time after that. The only items that caught my attention last night are the lychee tiramisu and white chocolate soup.

    8th episode on brunch buffets ... here are the details:

    1. Below $20, Penang Place Restaurant at International Business Park - not exactly brunch buffet but more like lunch buffet @ $19.80++ per pax, available daily from 11.30am to 2pm except on Sundays when they close - http://www.penangplace.com/. I tried this before, & have to say that I really enjoyed the spread. It is always very crowded though, so you definitely need to make reservations, even on weekdays. You can refer to the website for the buffet items.

    2. Between $20 to $30, The Pearl River Palace Restaurant at Suntec City Convention Centre Level 3 - ala carte Cantonese lunch buffet @ $28++ per pax, available between 11.30am to 2.30pm on weekends.
    Being such a traditional Chinese establishment, they do not have their own website, but you can get good reviews at
    http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/pearl_river_palace/. It seems like a good central venue for family get-together makan sessions on weekends with the usual Chinese restaurant fare, tim sum selection & desserts, & as usual, being able to shop after a heavy makan session is a plus point.

    3. Above $30, Checkers Brasserie at Hilton Singapore - Sunday champagne buffet @ $160++ per pax, available from 12pm to 3pm. Without free flow champagne, it's $70++ per adult & $25++ per child.
    http://www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/hotel/SINHITW-Hilton-Singapore-hotel/dining.do;jsessionid=17BE3DCE5A2E6071BC2B21DAF1E7F CAB.etc73#2. It sounds crazy to pay that kind of $$ for champagne plus lunch, especially when the atmosphere isn't exactly leisurely or relaxed with a kids' corner on the same premises. It also seemed so crowded and noisy in the show but if you have the cash to spare, can try for the seafood, western hot entrees like roast beef, foie gras (WOW!) & Yorkshire pudding, Indian cuisine like lamb kebabs & naans, Chinese selection like crepes with Peking duck and of course desserts.


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    Re: channel you buffet

    Eh... I thought you supposed to on diet??????????????????????????

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    Re: channel you buffet

    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy D View Post
    Eh... I thought you supposed to on diet??????????????????????????
    aiyoo..told you me rec tis email maaa...so just paste it here loohhh..


    its not FYA FYA FYA FYA


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    Re: channel you buffet

    Quote Originally Posted by lawla12 View Post
    got tis email.....those buffet are from channel you variety...(but i tink its not complete ...LOL)
    not ChU! Want I edit thread title?

    I got the complete buffet venues .... as long as Ch8 doesnt delete
    Channel 8 - MediaCorp TV
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