Dear Mummies,

Any recommendations for dinner tingkat service? I would prefer LESS oil, salt and NO MSG and those food suitable for child 3 & 5 years old.

Currently I'm with "Empire Food" for 4 months, so far not bad. Recently feel abit oily and lousy food. Thinking to find more quality and healty food for my kids.

Heard that "momcooking" very good but the price is very expensive.

I had tried some catering and feedback as belows:
1. Kim's Kitchen for trial 5 days- too oily, MSG. But the portion quite big.
2. House of catering (2 months)- less oil, salf NO MSG, but the food very lousy and sometimes not fresh.
3. NeoGarden for a trial- food not bad but the taste & food really not suitable for kids.

Cheah Ling