FORMER Singapore Land Authority manager Lim Chai Meng appeared in court a third time on Wednesday with no additional charges tendered.

The 37-year-old, who faces 264 charges, was offered bail of $1.5 million but could not raise the amount.

He has been accused of conspiring with then deputy director of technology and infrastructure department of SLA, Koh Seah Wee, 40, of cheating the Government of $11.8 million by rendering false invoices through various business entities for fictitious IT maintenance services and goods not delivered.

The transactions took place between January 2008 and March this year. So far, police have recovered cash and assets worth about $10 million.

A third man, former swimming instructor Ho Yen Teck, 31, has also been charged with cheating the SLA of about $9.8 million.

The cases of Koh and Ho - both in remand - have been scheduled for a further pre-trial conference on Nov 2.

In court on Wednesday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ong Luan Tze said the prosecution was not ready to accept a plea and requested Lim's case to be fixed for a PTC on the same day as the other two.

$1.5m bail for ex-SLA man