A NEW recycling plant that makes the production of solar cells even greener was opened on Monday.

The $100 million Tuas facility, set up by Norway's Metallkraft, is mainly to recycle material used at the world's biggest integrated solar cell complex, also in Tuas.

That $2.6 billion facility, set up by fellow Norwegian firm Renewable Energy Corp (REC), is due to be officially opened on Wednesday.

The main function of Metallkraft's facility is to recycle REC's spent slurry, a liquid used to cut silicon wafers, which would otherwise become industrial waste. This recycling will be done without adding any chemicals or producing waste streams.

REC can then use the recycled slurry instead of fresh slurry.
Metallkraft said its proprietary process can recycle 100 per cent of spent slurry.

$100m recycling plant opens