A FORMER manager of Singapore Land Authority's technology and infrastructure department, accused of cheating the Government of $11.8 million, was charged with 27 more offences on Wednesday.

Lim Chai Meng, 37, who was brought to court last week to face 237 charges, is accused in the fresh charges to have bought two properties, five cars, two watches and unit trusts from the benefits of his crime.

He is also alleged to have deposited sums of money ranging from $10,000 to $95,000 to the bank accounts of his wife, three children and mother-in-law.
Another charge states that he concealed $32,322 when he and his wife, Madam Tina Gow Poh Choo, handed it to her nephew, Mr Kow Yong Han, for safekeeping in June this year (2010).

Lim is also said to have transferred about $526,000 into fixed deposit accounts with various banks in 2008.

The total amount involved in the 26 charges under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act is $1.87 million.

A 27th fresh charge states that he conspired with one Lim Seow Fong to cheat Sing Investments last November by deceiving it into believing that he was working as a consultant at Nitaki Machine Movers with a $20,000 monthly pay, and thus dishonestly induced the company to grant him a $350,000 loan.

The prosecution asked for Lim to be remanded for a further week as investigation against him was still pending.

Two others who have since been charged are SLA's ex-deputy director of TID Koh Seah Wee, 40, and ex-swimming instructor Ho Yen Teck, 31. The duo, who are in remand, face 249 and 195 charges respectively.

27 more charges