MONTREAL - THREE young men who were killed by an oncoming train in Montreal overnight likely didn't hear the train coming toward them, police said on Sunday.

The three men, aged 17 to 19, were among five young people walking near the tracks at the Turcotte exchange, a freeway interchange within the city.

They were struck by a train bound from Toronto to Montreal at around 3am (0700 GMT, 3pm Singapore time), Constable Danny Richer told AFP.

Constable Richer said the victims probably didn't hear the train coming because the area is surrounded by concrete highway, which absorbs sound.

'There's a lot of concrete in the area. You dont't necessarily hear the trains coming,' Constable Richer said.

The two survivors, also male, were being treated for shock at a nearby hospital. Police declined to say whether the two have been questioned.

'Investigators are still on the scene trying to establish what happened,' Constable Richer added. 'One hypothesis is that they were spraying graffiti,' he said. The victims have not been identified.

3 die in Montreal rail accident