A FATHER who beat his almost two-year-old daughter to death had his six-year jail sentence raised to the maximum 10 years yesterday, with a judge calling it 'one of the worst cases' he had seen.

Sallehan Allaudin, 28, was also ordered to be given 10 strokes of the cane by the Court of Appeal.

'This is a sad, shocking and horrendous case,' said Justice Chao Hick Tin as he delivered the three-judge court's decision, saying the original sentence was 'manifestly inadequate'.

Sallehan killed Natalie Nikie Alisyia after coming home to find the 23-month-old chewing on his cigarettes on Jan 6 last year.

The cleaner and his wife had left Nikie and her two younger sisters - one a year old and the other two months old - at home while they went to buy her a birthday present.

When the couple returned to the family's Boon Lay flat, Sallehan flew into a rage. He said he scolded Nikie, and began slapping and punching her. His wife testified that he also kicked and stamped on the girl, although he denied this.

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