THE number of litterbugs caught in Singapore has fallen by almost 40 per cent, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Tuesday as it unveiled plans to install more bins.

About 19,500 people were nabbed in the first nine months of the year, down from 32,258 in the same period last year, after more uniformed NEA officers were put on the streets.

The agency revealed the figures as it announced that it would work with town councils, which look after housing estates, to add 34 new bins in its latest move to tackle the anti-social habit.

Already, the town councils at five estates in Tampines, Sembawang, Marine Parade and Jurong have installed new bins in a bid to stamp out littering. Another 10 town councils will do so by the middle of next year.

As well as the 34 new ones, several bins will be relocated to busy areas such as shopping centres and bus interchanges, where litter, including cigarette butts, plastic cups, tissue paper and food wrappers, is commonly found.

Mr Satish Appoo, director of the environmental health department at NEA, said the agency hopes the additional bins will persuade a group of people known as 'situational binners' to litter less.

40% drop in litterbugs