$50,000 reward for missing National Stadium time capsule

Money will help motivate workers

By Koh Hui Theng
October 11, 2010

Wanted: The "lost" time capsule in the National Stadium.

The reward? A whopping $50,000.

This is the prize awaiting the worker who unearths the time capsule, which remains missing after a massive search in 2007, when the stadium was first supposed to be torn down.

Now that the demolition of the stadium to make way for the $800 million Sports Hub has begun, it may be the last chance to find this piece of sporting history.

According to a director involved in the project, the $50,000 bounty was included in the contract agreement with Beng Soon Machinery Services, a sub-contractor taking part in the demolition.

There has been little publicity about the monetary offer as he wants to prevent treasure-seekers turning up at the site, which is closed to everyone except those involved in the project.

Source: http://tnp.sg/news/story/0,4136,258144,00.html?