SEVEN youths were repeatedly slashed by a group of parang-wielding men in Bukit Panjang on Monday night, in what appeared to be gang-related attacks.

The victims, aged between 14 and 20, were set upon in two separate incidents - first when a 20-year-old assistant technician was slashed in the back and legs, and then when a group of 20 youths were surrounded.

In both instances, the assailants first asked their victims whether they were from a gang named 'Pak Hai Tong'. When the victims denied associations with the group, they were slashed.

The gang, believed to be eight-men strong, also shouted 'Sah Lak Kau' (Hokkien for 369), another gang name, before fleeing the scene.

The vicious slashings left 20-year-old Jayasiva Shangar Guru hospitalised while six others from the second attack received outpatient treatment for their wounds.

No one has been arrested so far.

7 youths slashed