THE Indonesian girlfriend of murder accused Rosli Yassin will be the prosecution's key witness in its case against him for killing property agent Choo Xue Ying, whose body was found in Bukit Batok Nature Park two years ago.

In opening its case in the High Court against Rosli on Tuesday, prosecutors that that his girlfriend, who is known only as Jelly, will testify that Rosli confessed to her that he had killed Ms Choo.

Jelly is currently serving a jail term for cheating and has not been implicated in the murder.

Rosli is accused of killing Ms Choo, 46, on or about Oct 16, 2008. Her decomposed body was found at Lorong Sesuai and her identity was established through dental records.

He is accused of assaulting Ms Choo, resulting in head injuries that led to her death. The prosecution said it will establish in the trial that after Roslu attacked Ms Choo, he drove her car to a heavy vehicle parking lot and abandoned it.

He also made off with her laptop, handbag containing her chequebook and various credit cards.

Accused's girlfriend to testify