THE National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) is planning to set an age limit for top union leaders next year, in a move to formalise its leadership renewal process.

It intends to make it compulsory for them to step down when they turn 62.
Announcing this intention yesterday, labour chief Lim Swee Say also revealed that a high-level council is to be set up to coordinate leadership renewal efforts at the top echelons of NTUC and its 60 affiliated trade unions.

Such moves, he said, would send a strong signal to union leaders down the line to adopt a 'renewal framework' that will map out how they can introduce practices to groom younger leaders to take over.

They should also change their constitutions to include an age-limit clause on a union leader's tenure. Mr Lim made the remarks last night at an event to honour former union leaders who were exemplary in planning for renewal.

At the event, NTUC president John Payva matched Mr Lim's words with action when he stepped forward to announce that he would step down next year. The veteran unionist turns 62 in August next year.

Age limit for union leaders