AIRASIA took another swipe at Tiger Airways yesterday, days after attacking its proposed tie-up with Thai Airways as 'a bunch of white guys' running an Asian airline.

In a clear dig at Singapore-based Tiger, the Malaysia-based airline ran full-page advertisements in The Straits Times and Business Times with the tag- line: 'If Tigers were meant to fly, they would be born with wings.'
The ads also featured a drawing of a tiger cub crying.

Alluding to Tiger's recent flight cancellations - caused mainly by a manpower shortage and aircraft faults - AirAsia also said in its ads that it was 'guaranteed to fly every day'.

Hundreds of Tiger Airways passengers were left stranded and many more inconvenienced when the airline cancelled services in August and, more recently, in the first week of this month. At the height of the disruptions, more than 40 flights were axed in four days.

Yesterday, AirAsia's spokesman in Kuala Lumpur told The Straits Times that the ads in the Singapore newspapers were not intended to 'create any tension' between the two airlines.

AirAsia bares its claws