Looking for your birth stories for those that insisted on as little intervention as possible when birthing in a ward in singapore hospitals.

Dimmable lights, water birth, hypnobirth, no EFM, just doppler every now and again, leave mother to labour in peace, with music, etc, techniques allowed and used for smooth and natural birth. And how the Dr and nurses worked with your wishes and birth plan.

Im strongly against birthing intervention, so im quite concerned about how the system will perform here in comparison to the natural birthing centres in UK.

Feel free to recommend a Dr who is all pro-natural. Ive heard that home births are not done, and midwives do not attend either. A doula is not a medically trained midwife, so insurance doesnt cover services. I need an alternative option for water birthing, where all fees are covered in my insurance, ie. Because the doula has to attend water birth in hospital, but her services is not covered under my insurance so need other avenue to allow this option to be considered in my birth plan.

Cheers ladies.