ASIA Pacific is set to become the 'world's biggest aviation market', as the region leads the global economic recovery.

The prediction was made on Friday by Mr Andrew Herdman, director general of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA).

He said the recovery in global trade this year had led to a 30 per cent rise in air cargo and a jump of almost 15 per cent in passenger traffic worldwide.
Asia Pacific carriers are already carrying a quarter of global passenger traffic and 40 per cent of global freight traffic, Mr Herdman added.

And with economic power shifting from the West to the eastern countries such as China, he said airlines in the region will be playing an important role in the future of global air transport.

He was speaking at a two-day aviation conference held in Brunei. Known as the 54th Assembly of Presidents, it allows the chief executives of member airlines and senior figures from related industries to meet to discuss aviation issues.

Asia-Pac aviation market to lead