BEIJING - CHINA has enacted 10 measures to prohibit better than average primary schools and junior high schools from charging 'enrolment fees', or selling enrolment quotas, according to a statement posted on the website of the Ministry of Education on Monday.

The statement reads, due to the difference in quality among schools, and a shortfall of excellent schools as compared to actual demand, the problem of 'enrolment fees' has been reported, particularly in big cities.
This is a particular problem in China, where parents pay to secure seats for their children in key schools if their children do not score high enough on entrance exams.

The measures include forbidding schools from selling extra enrolment quotas in whatever names or methods, obliging schools to publicly disclose enrolment information, improving sub-quality schools, supporting private schools to enrich superior education resources, carrying out supervision and other regulations.

Battling enrolment disorder