LONDON - BBC staff belonging to one of the broadcaster's biggest unions voted in favour of staging two 48-hour strikes in November in a row over pension proposals, the National Union of Journalists said on Friday.

The NUJ, the corporation's second-largest union, said BBC journalists will walk out on Nov. 5-6 and November 15-16 in protest against plans to reduce a large pension deficit by capping the growth of pensionable pay.

The union said 70 per cent of its 4,000 members had backed the strike.
'This massive vote against the BBC's latest proposal comes as no surprise, given the fundamental pay more, work longer, get less nature of the offer,' NUJ General Secretary, Jeremy Dear said after the vote.

However, the state broadcaster's biggest union Bectu, separately voted overwhelmingly against industrial action, BBC television reported.

BBC staff to strike over pension