PATIENTS at the new Jurong General Hospital (JGH) will get bigger rooms and windows in C-class wards, in a move designed to help them heal quicker and control infections.

The 700-bed hospital, which will open in 2014, will have wards that are 10 per cent larger than those in existing hospitals. It will be designed and built along with the new 286-bed Jurong Community Hospital (JCH) at the Lakeside district - the first time an acute hospital has been integrated with a sub-acute facility in a single development project.

Unlike typical C-class wards, which have patients lined up side by side, JGH wards have a fan-shaped design so that each patient will have his own window by his bed.

Such a design concept is believed to improve airflow and introduce more light into the room, following research that suggests natural light can speed up patient recovery rates.

The wards will also be separated by high walls, and beds are spaced farther apart to optimise infection control between patients.

With the integration of the two hospitals into a single location, patients can also look forward to smoother transition procedures, for example less administrative work, should they need to transfer between them.

Bigger C-class wards at JGH