FLYING out of Singapore will cost more from April 1 for transit passengers and those departing from Changi Airport's Budget Terminal.

Airlines will also pay 15 per cent more for landing, parking and use of the aerobridge.

Under the revised charges unveiled by Changi Airport Group (CAG) on Wednesday, stopover passengers will be levied a $12 fee - a $9 passenger service charge - more commonly known as airport tax - and a $3 security charge.

Currently, this group, which makes up about 30 per cent of total passenger traffic at the airport, do not pay anything. Last year, Changi's total traffic crossed the 37-million mark.

Those departing from the Budget Terminal will pay $18 from April, up from $15 now; the first hike since 2006.

There will be no change to the $28 charge for all other travellers flying out of Changi's main terminals.

Changi ups airport charges