ON THE menu: Assam Fish with Prawn Hokkien Rice Vermicelli.

Or how about: Sweet and sour chicken, and scallop curry spring roll, paired with chicken rice ball.

Better yet: Satay beehoon served with John Dory fish topped with otah curry mousse, accompanied by a stuffed ham roll in chilli crab sauce.

And last but not least: Steamed chawanmushi egg topped with chilli crab, bryani rice with curried vegetable, and grilled fish in satay sauce.

These were the four mouth-watering dishes up for consideration in the Safari Champion Culinary Challenge 2010 at this year's Food Safari.

Organised by Sphere, this is the second ever Safari Champion Culinary Challenge and this year saw nine competitive teams of chefs whittled down to four.

Done in the style of television show 'Iron Chef', the four finalists were only allowed to use items provided and entirely sponsored by Singapore companies.

Each team was given just one hour to whip up a dish consisting of at least three items from a 'compulsory ingredient table'.

'The flavours should represent Singapore of course and have a bit of spiciness to it,' said executive chef Tony Khoo, chief judge of the Safari Champion Culinary Challenge 2010 panel.

'The team who won, won because of their creativity,' he added.

And the winner for new Singapore dish: Marina Mandarin Hotel's creation, 'Peace & Harmony'.

Chefs create new S'pore dish