QANTAS, Australia's flagship carrier, moved quickly on Saturday to protect its reputation after one of its Boeing 747 jets experienced an engine failure on Friday night and was forced to return to Singapore's Changi Airport.

The incident occurred just one day after a Qantas Airbus 380 engine also combusted, raining debris down onto Batam Island in Indonesia. Both flights were travelling from Singapore to Sydney.

In a press conference on Saturday, Qantas's CEO, Alan Joyce, said the two events were different issues, describing the B747 incident as a 'contained engine failure.'

Whereas the entire A380 fleet has been grounded for engine inspections, Mr Joyce maintained that 'we are not concerned about our 747 fleet.'
Meanwhile, passengers from the damaged B747 received free lodging and food in Singapore as they awaited fresh arrangements from Qantas to get them to their destinations.

Some of them left on a 9.30am flight on Saturday bound for Sydney. Another batch received their rebooking and left in the evening.

Cleaning up after 2 jet scares