A DEFECTIVE component in the engines of the Apache -64 helicopter was what ultimately brought the aircraft down last month.

At the heart of the problem was a part known as the Anti-Ice Start Bleed Valve (AISBV). The valves in the two engines of the ill-fated Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) chopper were found to have been corroded.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean outlined the mechanical fault in Parliament yesterday while responding to questions about the investigation into the crash landing.

Three weeks ago, the Apache made an emergency landing in an open field between Woodlands Avenue 12 and Woodlands Drive 64. Its tail broke off when it hit the ground. No one was injured.

DPM Teo, who is also Defence Minister, explained that the corrosion to the valves had caused both engines to shut down mid-flight.

'A corroded valve would lead to malfunctioning of the guide vanes that channel air to the aircraft engine. The disruption of airflow to the engine would lead to the loss of engine power,' he said, in a response loaded with technical details.

Corroded valves to blame