A NEW photofit of a man suspected of slashing a woman nearly nine months ago has been released by police appealing for fresh information on the attack. The lone victim was targeted while she was jogging, just four days after another woman was slashed at around the same vicinity in Yishun.

In February, two photofits, each pieced by one victim was released. Then, the photofit pieced by the 23-year-old jogger showed a man with longer hair and smaller eyes. In the new clearer photo, released on Tuesday, the suspect has a short crop and strong features.

The healthcare worker was attacked on February 2 at the Khatib Bongsu park connector in Yishun Avenue 9, opposite ITE Yishun. She did not know she was being followed because she was listening to her music player.

During the struggle, she grabbed the knife, causing it to break at the handle. The blade was later recovered at the scene. The victim suffered multiple wounds to her face and upper body and a C-shaped open wound on her right cheek. At that time, the attacker was described as a local Chinese man age between 30 and 40. He is now believed to be in his 20s or 30s.

Meanwhile, the other victim was stabbed on January 29 at Block 172 Yishun Avenue 7, barely 1.5km from where the jogger was attacked. She was slashed on her hands, back and neck. She was said to have been attacked for five minutes with a 6cm knife.

Then police had said that while there appears to be some similarity in the description of the culprit provided by the two victims, they have not ruled out the possibility that they may be two different people. In the updated appeal, police described the suspect as a slim-build Chinese man, with short black hair and a tanned complexion. He was last seen wearing a pair of black pants, light brown polo T-shirt and slippers, while running towards Yishun Avenue 6.

Anyone with information on these cases can call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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Could this be the slasher?