A PEP talk really can work wonders - a talk with the Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP), that is.

Just ask PEM Confinement Nanny Agency, which knows all about being entangled in red tape.

After just 60 days of working here on temporary work passes, the many Malaysian nannies it employs used to have to leave Singapore for a month before they could return for another stint.

This disrupted business at PEM Confinement, which has 200 full-time nannies available to clients who are new mothers. It also provides nannies to similar firms.

It could not ramp up business without running into the rule, said PEM Confinement sales consultant Edison Phua.

But after the firm raised the issue with PEP, an official business feedback channel, the rule was lifted in April by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The nannies can now work for 16 weeks at a stretch while on their temporary work passes.

Cut red tape with PEP talk