A WOMAN who found herself at the centre of a court battle when a bank refused to release about $8.9 million left to her by her mother will finally get to inherit the money.

Ms Amy Hsu, 44, had been bequeathed assets worth more than $12 million by her adoptive mother Nellie Hwang, who died aged 94 in May.

The assets included two condominium units and the $8.9 million.

But shortly after the will was made in 2008, Ms Hsu - Madam Hwang's only daughter - got into a legal tussle with OCBC Bank over doubts about her mother's mental competency.

It led to the $8.9 million being deposited with the High Court by OCBC.
But on Monday, the court granted Ms Hsu the probate to the will.

Daughter gets inheritance